October 1-6

October 1

Morning practice

: kick warm up then a series of different types of kicking : 2500.
Followed by 800 meters of freestyle and backstroke drills.
Total distance: 4200 meters

Technical focus of the practice: engaging hips while kicking butterfly. I use a snorkel so that I have better body position which allows me to use my hips.

Dryland: 45 mins
A continuous effort of push ups, squat thrusts, wall sits, jumps, lunges, elbow bridges, and crunches.

After dryland was afternoon practice
Warm up of 1700 meters.
Main endurance freestyle set of 2800 meters. Consisted of 200s, 150s, and 100s with low total‚ 50s spread throughout

I held a 1:10 pace per 100 and under 30 seconds on each 50 with 14 cycles
Challenge set : 10 x 100 on 1:30 holding fast average.
I held 1:07 and 1:08 for all 10
600 meters of freestyle drills
Total Yardage: 6100 meters

Technical focus: a big arm recovery on freestyle, so that my stroke stays big and I use my body more when I swim.

Low Total : is when you try to go as fast as you can with the lowest number of cycles. Example - 28 seconds and 14 cycles. 28+14= 42


October 2

Morning Practice

: kick warm-up. 9 x 100 yard kick. I was holding around 1:13 : 1:17 with about 10 seconds rest.
600 yards of different kicks of all four strokes.
600 stroke swimming drills with a snorkel.
Total Yardage: 3300 yards

Afternoon practice.

Warm-up, 1500 yards.
Main Set. 12 x 150 yard freestyle. 1-4, progress down to minute pace, 5-12 ( 1-drill, 1-fast) My fastest 150 was a 1:22.
600 yards of freestyle drills with a snorkel working on Opposite Action
Second Set. 2500 IM set, with stroke 50s followed by a 200 IM with alternating strokes fast.
10 minutes of working on flip turns.
Total Yardage : 6400 yards

Weights. 3 x 5 reps on power Clean (60 kilos)
4 sets of bench, last set was 4 reps 205 lbs
3 sets of 8 squats

Opposite Action is when you are finishing one arm while the other arm is starting the stroke. This is the stroke that I use while I am sprinting.


October 4

Morning practice : Kick warm-up

800 kick set, ∏ way underwater each wall

1000 kick strong with board

2 x 400 all out kick, ∏ way underwater each wall. I my fastest one was a 4:47

900 worth of backstroke drills and kicking

200 all out kick. I went 2:25

Total Yardage: 4000 yards

Afternoon Practice : IM warm-up of 1600 yards

1st set. 3000 yards of alternating 100IM and 100 Free. Freestyles under 1:00

2 x 600 pull working on breathing pattern

6 x 150 pull with snorkel descend.

3 x 150 paddle swim with snorkel on 1:40. I went 1:29, 1:29, 1:27.

6 x 25 paddle swim fast

250 warm down

Total yardage: 6650 yards

Technical Focus : finishing my stroke. On longer sets, I have a tendency to get short with my arms, so I put extra focus on keeping it big.


October 5

Morning practice (yards)

Warm up then spent an hour working on freestyle and butterfly technique and freestyle flip turns. I used an underwater camera to watch myself swim and then I would make changes.
Total Yardage 2000 yards


: 20 run, followed by pull-ups, row-ups, a rope climb, pushups, and abs.

Afternoon Practice (yards)

1st set. 2000 IM set with emphasis on fly and free
2nd set 2800 free set. Within the set was 8 x 100s fast. And I averaged 53 seconds on the first 7 and I went a 51 on the last one.
Off the Blocks : 50 free all out. I went a 21.2

Total Yardage: 7100 yards


October 6

1st set. 1800 swim/kick set with 4 x 100 on 1:20 kick (I held 1:15 on all 4)
2nd set 2600 working on good technique at a strong pace (28 seconds per 50)

Push jerks, incline bench (burn set of 140, 15 reps), bicept, tricept, hamstring

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