October 8-14

October 8

Morning practice (long course meters)

Main Kick Set: 1200 kick with board and snorkel. For over half the set, I held faster than a 1:30 base per 100.
Total Yardage: 3200 meters


20 minute run, jumps, 200 push-ups, elbow bridge and wall sits

Afternoon Practice (long course meters)
Main Set : 3900 freestyle endurance set with low total 50‚s spread throughout
I averaged 43 to 45 on the low total.
Total Yardage: 6400 meters

Technical focus: not letting my arms slip out from underneath my body on the pull of the stroke.

" low total" is when you add the number of cycles and the time together.


October 9

Morning Practice.

Short course yards
Main kick set: 1600 kick with board. I averaged 56 seconds per 75 yards
Drill work : freestyle turns
Total yardage: 4200 yards

Afternoon practice

Main set: freestyle set with focus on breathing patterns and long walls (2400 yards)
Fast 6 x 50 low total. My fastest two were 23 seconds with 8 stroke cycles (freestyle)
Pull set: 2400 yards
Total yardage: 7600 yards

Technical Focus: finishing my stroke.


October 10


Medicine ball exercises, push-ups wall-sits.

Afternoon Practice (long course meters)

Main Set: 3600 freestyle endurance set.

Total Yardage: 6000 meters

Technical Focus: finishing my stroke and swimming with my body and not just my arms.


October 11

Morning Practice (short course yards)

Main Kick Set 5 x 200 on 2:40
I held a 2:29 and 2:30 on all 5
Total yardage : 3000 yards

Afternoon Practice (short course yards)

Main Set: 2900 yard freestyle set, working on 5 dolphin kicks off each wall
I went a 1:25 on the last 150
Fast Part: a series of Low Total 50‚s
My fastest freestyle was 24 seconds and 9 cycles = 33 for low total
My fastest fly was 26 seconds and 11 cycles = 37 for low total
Total Yardage: 6500 yards

Technical Focus: no pause in my kick with swimming.

Weights: Burn set on incline bench
I did 10 reps of 155lbs


October 12

Morning practice: Long Course
Main Set was freestyle pull with a mix of kick throughout.

Total Yardage: 3800 meters

Dryland: 20 minute run; 30 pull ups; 30 row ups; 2 rope climbs

Afternoon Practice: Long Course

Main Set: Strong freestyle followed by stroke drills 3000 meters
I held a 1:10 per 100 base for the freestyle parts
Power Work : 6 x 25 meter sprints with Power Racks

Total Yardage : 5400 meters


October 14

Afternoon Practice: Short Course Yards

1st set: 2400 backstroke set working on 5 dolphin kicks off each wall and changing speeds
2nd set: 2400 free/back set with perfect technique on freestyle while holding 1:00 pace.

Total Yardage: 6000 Yards

Technical Focus: High recovery with a strong finish of the stroke.

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