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Hawaiian Surprise

A great tasting, high protein, healthy fat mixture that is sooo easy to eat!


3 small containers low-carb or regular Yogurt – flavor of choice

12 oz low-fat Cottage Cheese

4 scoops Protein Powder – Vanilla or choice

½ Cup milled Flax Seeds

½ Cup shredded Coconut

1 Cup Walnut pieces

1 Can Tropical Mixed Fruit or Pineapple (in 100% fruit juice)


Put Walnuts and Fruit to the side, mix all other ingredients until even consistency. Mix Walnuts in next. Drain Fruit and mix in gently last. You could substitute frozen mixed berries for the fruit to get a different taste, and can experiment with different yogurt and/or protein powder flavors to suit your tastes, as well.

This is an EASY recipe with GREAT nutrition, and tastes great to boot.

We always have some on hand for when meals are rushed or just as an easy, healthy meal addition.

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